As You Sail Away

Night it was when a breeze
welcomed me by the sea
when the stars and the moon
had lit the scene with their glory.

No sooner they assured me
the best time on the shore to be
is only after the sun has played
its part of the everyday story.

I tried to tell this to my mind
but it was already lost
drowned in thousands of thoughts
I pulled it out with lot of cost.

Varied though they all were
all sailed in a boat common
amongst them there were none
that had not your name written.

The gushing waves carried your will
that clashed with the shore rocky
and when they rose over those
they echoed your joy and ecstasy.

Then there were those that swept
across the sand peacefully
competing the silence that you speak with
behind the doors of tranquility.

The wind whistled by
in its charm my heart began to hover
serene as your sight
pleasing like the smile you shower.

More from the seagull was heard
when it soared across in glee
gracefully it flew like the free bird
that I always found in thee.

And now as your life sails ahead
like the ship away on the horizon
may fair weather precede your journey
to your dream destination.

And a fairy tale I could have wished for you
but this life I find of two things made
we keep going through bit of both
the scorching sun and the soothing shade.

So with every new sunrise,
may the angels bless you with a heart,
with courage enough to battle against any harm,
with strength enough to steer in any storm.

Remember these words, oh friend,
you be at any place and let any season it be
in my prayers your name you will always see
and my wishes forever stay with thee.

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