A Wish

A river that runs deep and calm,
Silently shares its wealth with all.

No wonder why then,
Blessed those around you are,
Who from a distance near,
Depths in your deeds measure,
Or feel the peace within,
From far when your thoughts they treasure.

But at times often do,
Sight across a noisy brook,
Which though shall shallow be,
Rolls over its troubles,
With fun and glee.

The waves that silently sweep the shore,
Have but swallowed the storm, a few miles before.

No wonder why then,
All eyes on you do fail,
To watch the worries,
With which your world does trail,
Safely hidden since they lie,
Behind the smiles that you sail.

But at times often do,
Empty your heart and hassles,
To a soul closest to you,
For easily is broken one stick,
Than when there are two.

The shining stars shed every ray,
As the endless space sweeps their twinkle our way.

So much like the boundless faith,
In which your mind you hold,
For the pair of His hands,
That you say all lives they mold,
And sacrifice your dish and dime,
When your hands for the prayers you fold.

But at no time ever do,
Weaken your belief whenever,
The logic and laws of science I sew,
Since forever I wish these reasons remain,
Of all the least dearest to you.

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