A Shared Dream

The humdrum of township had come on a ride,
I followed my feet to the countryside.
A poet was on a pry for a poem,
On the unfurled meadow as I walked that autumn.

The verdant vale was calling in all her charms,
I paced my path to lay in her arms.
On my way down I met a breeze so blithe,
In fragrance of beauty she had herself writhe.

As she danced along, I wondered aloud her redolence,
And even louder was my awe, when a chortle broke the silence.
With a twig in her hand, a girl hopped down the hill,
On her trail were a score of sheep that followed her will.

In her hand was a meadow saffron, which on her way she had picked,
She swirled in triumph and to the sky she showed her twig.
For all alone she had led her team to the tune she sang,
Nothing equaled her ecstasy, as she lifted one of her lamb.

No sooner then, the land so serene began to shine,
How could I not pen down, her smile so pure and pristine?
The glint in her eyes eclipsed everything else,
Then, I knew why the breeze was so blessed.

“What could ever harm a beauty so chaste?”, thought I.
But then suddenly, all her sheep hurried to her in haste.
The lamb in her arms began to bleat,
As they all saw dark clouds stride as a sheet.

A squall on the mountain butchered the breeze,
As the girl and her troupe hide behind the trees.
With no pause then, the cloud began to burst,
She closed her wet eyes, fearing the worst.

I too closed mine, for I wasn’t sure,
What plans on His cards did the Lord have for her?
And then in my thoughts I conjured a scene,
The lost light in her eyes would again begin to gleam.

She would start singing on a new bright day,
For no worry in this world is forever to stay.
To many more tunes then she’ll dance,
And I can’t count how many will be lost in her trance.

And then, when I opened my eyes in the world real,
The clouds were still busy in their drizzle.
As I left, she had not opened her eyes it did seem,
I prayed to the Almighty, let her share my dream.

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