Just Keep Ploughing

I marvel why this city,
Gets a bad rap for its traffic,
Dare I say towns need to copy,
A model that is this terrific,
If you underestimate our ability,
Let me be more specific.

We put to good use when we drive,
All directions a compass can strive,
As others dearly to their lives hold,
Evolution has given them a new mold,
An owl-like eyesight for us homo sapiens,
Even Darwin dreamt not of such allegiance.

And don’t tell you have not heard,
What the great Einstein had discovered,
When with the mere existence of matter,
The continuum of space-time can shatter,
The width of the lanes then why be fixed?
Forward and backward we all move mixed.

And just ask us how we prepare,
The next generation to take the gear,
When we infuse a sense of ownership,
As well as proactiveness and stewardship,
By annexing the right of way,
On a red light when no one wants a say.

Finally, on a well-lit street at night,
You ask why I drive with a beam bright?
My countrymen suffer a small inconvenience,
But Bengaluru outshines Boston by my lenience,
See Google Earth at night for this activism,
Beam it, it’s a proof of your patriotism!

Bengaluru’s traffic-choked roads are seeing an addition of roughly half-million vehicles each financial year, with the total number of vehicles in Bengaluru breaching the 6 million mark in 2016.

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