The Valentine of Rome

Let me take you miles deep into the past,
And stage the set where this show was cast.
Played by the people of the place called Rome,
When Claudius was the king who ruled their home.

Emperors fancy their empires to expand,
How different could be the lord of this land?
He craved for a lofty army to venture far,
So he summoned all men to join his war.

Battles bring home blood and tear,
To join the royal forces all had this fear.
If one breathes his last in the wear and tear,
What would life be for their loved one and dear?

To enlist when only a few hundred did turn,
With surprise and anger the king began to burn.
With handful men on the field he could nothing earn,
So he declared his dogma to have more of them churn.

“If the lust to live for a loved one holds you back,
The very custom of matrimony I order to sack.”
The troops tracked the traitors, lovers began to rue,
And the churches starved for the words “I do”.

“Way is where there’s a will”, said one of fame,
To bless the love’s laborers a holy soul then came.
Priest by profession, Valentine was his name,
To obey the decree and death, to him were the same.

Couples who wished to defy had always him sought,
In Valentine’s chamber they tied their knot.
During such merry moment the kings soldiers knocked,
The priest let the pair escape and got himself caught.

“Throw him into dungeons deep”, the king roared,
“Traitor he is, behead him to settle his score.”
“Treason it may be for you, but after I have died,
God’s court will greet me with grace”, Valentine replied.

In the prison wishes of many had him sought after,
Including the jailor Asterius and his blind daughter.
She brought him food and became his messenger,
A bond beyond words grew between him and her.

Valentine’s faith restored the sight of his caretaker,
No wonder he became a Saint later.
And before breathing his last, to her he shared a line,
“Love forever, from your Valentine.”

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