The Silent Words

Every meeting of my eyes
with that of yours,
presents me with a puzzle
to ponder for hours.

As I catch your eyes
that glint with pain,
no musing ever has
let me anything gain.

‘Coz for seldom any worry
on your face for long remains,
after your serene smile
hides it all over again.

I then propel
my mind for a chase,
behind your wistful look
but again all hopes are razed.

‘Coz my mind returns muddled
as if out from a maze,
after you close your eyes
to hide the tears that glaze.

The music of silence
you just let it go on,
every thought of mine
wishes the day was little long.

‘Coz farewell then you bid to me
we part without having you heard,
hungry sleeps my heart at night
been starved for your words.

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