The Wind and the Flower

Love they say
Thou art blind
So blame not this wind
Be a little kind.

He got himself struck
With the cupid’s arrow
His beloved was a flower
He met on the meadow.

If we do dance like this
For a few minutes more
And if you don’t stop
Drowning me in your eyes,
Then dear lady be not be
Surprised if you find me,
Bent on my knees
Asking a favor from thee.

Well, then let
No more minutes die
Echo those words in my ears
And end all your sighs.

Hear then, for no more long
I wish to be a wind.

I want to become the garden
Where you are the flower,
So that beauties
Upon you I can shower.

I want to become the mountain,
Where you are the snow,
So your hand I can hold,
When the sun is low.

I want to become the forest,
Where you are the tree,
So that nature I can
Bring at your knee.

I want to become the sky,
Where you are the bird,
So that I can take you
To horizons never heard.

I want to become the moon,
Where you are the star,
So that carefree we roam,
When the world is asleep afar.

I want to become the love,
Where you are the beloved,
So that I can keep you
In my eyes safe and cared.

Like the lone moon
That shines at night,
To offer the Cupid’s disciples
A dream and delight,
Your sole face
Stirs my sight,
And to you alone would
Serve my lips and my life.
Make me the beat that
Rhymes in your heart,
So that none but death,
Can take us apart.

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