I am the tallest peak,
That the clouds drench.
Beneath the oceans,
I am the deepest trench.

I am the water,
Filling the verdant fields.
Over the desert,
I am the land with no yield.

I am the fighting flame,
against a stormy night.
Of the burning sun,
I am the might.

I am the endless still space,
Where light has no wing.
Of the millions in a grain,
I am the unsteady string.

I am the indivisible,
In all things tiny and tall1.
Across infinite lives,
I am the conscious that ties all2.

I am only a void,
To an uninformed thought.
For the exalted,
I am the seeker and the Sought3.

1 Brahman – the indivisible changeless reality underneath all things physical that are in a constant process of change

2 Atman – the core consciousness experienced in deep meditation when withdrawn from the body and mind

3 तत्त त्वम असि (“Thou art that”) originally appears in the Chandogya Upanishad. It implies Atman and Brahman are one and the same. They are Advaita (“not two”).

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