The Soulmate

Poets and lovers for ages,
have relished the sky at night.
Writing their verses the poets cherish,
the stars within their sight.
And in their dreams the lovers wish,
underneath their twinkle lips performing the rites.

But to my heart these stars bring forth
no dream nor any reverie.
Gazing at those that twinkle,
my mind wonders a truth aloud,
the darkness that could have reigned,
had they all been covered with a cloud.

The same darkness would have ruled my life,
if right beside me had you not strived,
to push away the tyranny of troubles,
to break my burden into rubble,
to make yours all my worry,
to have shared all my grief.

You never needed any words to know,
what pain I hide and hidden let it grow.
That dwelled deep until I was blessed,
by an angel whose face your mirror nests.
No longer then any agony was my guest,
after in your arms I had put myself to rest.

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